‘Yellowstone is delusional and deplorable’



Yellowstone is delusional and deplorable
‘Yellowstone is delusional and deplorable’ 

Yellowstone has many admirers who are fascinated with the depicted mythologized American West. But not all are fans of the hit series. Lily Gladstone is one of them.

In a chat with Vulture, the Native American actor’s thoughts were asked about the neo-western drama.

Unsurprisingly, her views were not full of awe. “Delusional! Deplorable!” the 37-year-old stated.

Admitting to audition for Taylor Sheridan’s show, the Kalispell native blames the dearth of nuance on-screen roles for the Native Americans, noting that she is not shading any actors for starring in the series.

“No offense to the Native talent in that. I auditioned several times. That’s what we had.”

Starred in the upcoming Martin Scorsese’s tentpole Killers of the Flower Moon, Lily’s next breakout movie portrayed the real-based events of the 20th century of the American West where scores of wealthy Native Americans were murdered in Oklahoma.

Meanwhile, Yellowstone remained under the scanner as critics called the series “anti woke” and “red state shows.”


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