TMZ under fire: Britney Spears’ fans angry over ‘hit job’ special

TMZ under fire: Britney Spears’ fans angry over ‘hit job’ special


TMZ docuseries Britney Spears: Divorce and Despair has come under fire for insensitivity toward Britney Spears struggle
TMZ docuseries ‘Britney Spears: Divorce and Despair’ has come under fire for insensitivity toward Britney Spears’ struggle 

Following Fox’s broadcast of the special titled TMZ Investigates: Britney Spears: Divorce and Despair on Thursday, which raised questions about the pop icon’s psychological well-being, viewers expressed their dismay on social media, labeling the program a “hit job.”

The show featured a range of commentators, including Dr. Drew Pinsky, a specialist in addiction medicine and a well-known media personality, and Dr. Charles Sophy, a psychiatrist with a media presence. The lineup also encompassed several hosts and employees from TMZ, as well as figures from the music and media realms.

While dissecting the recent separation of Spears from her husband Sam Asghari, a significant portion of the program scrutinized the conclusion of Spears’ conservatorship, which was terminated in November 2021, as well as her overall mental state.

The special utilized numerous excerpts from Spears’ social media profiles and cited insights from “sources close to Britney.” Harvey Levin, the Executive Producer of TMZ, and other producers set the context with comments like “people around her are worried,” and asserted that she appears to be ““frighteningly out of control.”

Furthermore, the panel of commentators engaged in speculation about potential outcomes if Spears doesn’t receive the assistance they believe she requires.

“I’m mortified, you could get a call any minute,” Pinsky said. “In the state she’s going, to where she’s going… that’s the problem with letting these things unravel outside of a conservatorship. When they do things, they do things impulsively and suddenly and dangerously.”

“Everyone we’ve spoken to who knows her has deep concern for her. Hopefully she gets the help and support she needs for a more peaceful, stable life.”

But many viewers thought the special was unfair to Spears, considering it a “hit job” and an inaccurate portrayal of mental health, while criticizing TMZ for doing it.


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