Prince George branded King Charles’ ‘savior’: ‘Carries heavy burden’



Prince George branded King Charles’ ‘savior’: ‘Carries heavy burden’
Prince George branded King Charles’ ‘savior’: ‘Carries heavy burden’

Prince George allegedly stands to be wheeled out at a constant basis at any time that the Royal Family suffers any sort of blow from its former members, a.k.a Prince Harry or Prince Andrew.

Royal commentator and expert Daniela Elser issued these warnings and claims.

She broke everything down during her candid piece for

In it she pointed out how “Already, the last 12 months have required George to occupy a much more public and official role than his father or even grandfather had to at the same age.”

“The last year has seen him take part in his great-grandmother’s State Funeral, serve as page during the coronation and notch him his first golden carriage ride.”

In light of this, Ms Elser wonders, “How George has found the requisite time to devote to Minecraft like every other kid his age, I’ll never know.”

At the end of the day, it all boils down to “the shrinking roster of working members of the royal family and the reputational blows of the last few years (oh those spares, their egos and their foibles measured by the metric tonne).”

This is because it shows “that the picture-perfect Wales children could well find themselves being wheeled out with increasing frequency.”


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