OIC unique agent urges India to switch ‘unlawful’ 2019 activities in Jammu and Kashmir


Diplomat Yousef Al Dobeay says India is ‘twisted after sustaining the control’ of the contested Himalayan district
He guarantees individuals of Kashmir the OIC remains with them and supports their exercises connected with their natural freedoms.

ISLAMABAD: Representative Yousef Al Dobeay, the unique agent of the Association of Islamic Participation (OIC) for Jammu and Kashmir, attested on Wednesday India needed to keep up with its control of the contested Himalayan district while asking it, for the benefit of OIC states, to turn around the “unlawful” moves made in August 2019.

New Delhi disavowed the extraordinary sacred status of Jammu and Kashmir which permitted it to have its own banner and offered restricted independence prior to coordinating the area with the remainder of the Indian association.

The improvement provoked Pakistan to minimize its political relations with its opponent atomic state since Kashmir, the main Muslim-larger part state in India, is a universally viewed as a contested area which is guaranteed by New Delhi and Islamabad in full however is just constrained by them to some extent.

“The ongoing Indian initiative is bowed after propagating the control of Jammu and Kashmir,” the OIC exceptional emissary said during a joint media cooperation with Pakistan’s unfamiliar secretary Muhammad Syrus Sajjad Qazi in Islamabad. “The Indian specialists are absolutely squashing the mission of Kashmiri individuals for their key freedoms, particularly the unavoidable right to self-assurance as cherished in the important Joined Countries and OIC goals.”

He added the OIC and its part nations accepted “every one of the unlawful advances taken by the Indian government in 2019 ought to be amended.”

He noticed the 57-part coalition of Islamic states was focused on the Kashmir make and had sent a reality finding mission Kashmir last year to observe what is happening on the ground.

Representative Al Dobeay said the issue likewise came up for conversation uninvolved of the Unified Countries General Get together meeting the month before.

“This is my message for the OIC to every one individuals concerned, particularly the Kashmiri public, that we are with you,” he added. “We likewise support every one of your exercises that are connected with your freedoms.”

The Pakistani unfamiliar secretary offered his thanks accordingly, saying he needed to significantly thank the OIC agent and his group for “featuring the lawful, political and compassionate parts of India’s unlawful control of Jammu and Kashmir which has additionally disturbed since India’s unlawful and one-sided activities of fifth of August 2019.”

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