Noel Gallagher branded an ‘enemy of the people’ by China



Noel Gallagher branded an enemy of the people by China
Noel Gallagher branded an ‘enemy of the people’ by China

Noel Gallaher, a Britpop singer, recently revealed that he was branded as “an enemy of the people” and has been banned by China.

The 56-year-old singer revealed that he can’t perform in China as he has been barred from entering the country.

According to Mirror, the singer was stunned upon receiving a letter from the Chinese government that branded him as an enemy of the people and banned him from entering China after his performance in New York in 1977 where he played a gig that supported freedom for Tibet.

The High Flying Birds vocalist said that Chinese officials banned him because they were worried that, “I might say some pro-tibetan sh**,” which doesn’t align with the Chinese policy regarding the Tibet region.

In an interview with Daily Star, Noel recalled the incident saying, “I walked out on stage in front of 50,000 people and as I walked out to perform I was thinking why I agreed to this? I am not even the f**king singer.”

He revealed that he found out about the ban when his band Oasis got invited to perform in China years later and he was denied entry just months before the visit. He said that Oasis had to agree on a set list acceptable to the Chinese ahead of their performance.

Tibet has been under Chinese control since they invaded it in 1959. 


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