New Life For Your Old Car: 5 Tips To Ensure Longevity And Reliability



Everyone loves to preserve their first buys — be it their home or first car. The term beater cars emerged from this phenomenon. For those unaware, beater car is the term used for old cars that offer high mileage and run well. There are a number of reasons people don’t prefer to buy new cars. The primary cause is the increased prices and high tax that is now associated with every other car. The second reason can be the memories attached to their first car which they may have bought by spending their hard-earned salary. However, merely wishing for an old car doesn’t keeps the vehicle in good condition. It is important that people maintain their car by following routine vehicle maintenance of old cars.

Ignoring the daily maintenance of a car can lead to costly repairs, breakdowns and crashes.

Here are some of the maintenance tips that people can follow to keep their old car running:

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1) Be careful about tyres: Cars run on wheels and most of the time the width and quality of the tyres decide whether the car can climb mountains or not. It is important for you to keep a tyre gauge with you all the time to check the air pressure in the tyres. If neglected, then it slowly deteriorates the quality of wheels, and so the life span of the tyre also reduces. The optimum air pressure for the tyres of a car is between 32 and 35 psi. Always buy tyres from a trusted and branded auto store.

2) Steering system: The handling of the car depends the most on this part of the vehicle. The problem in the steering system not only affects the way the car is moved but also accelerates the wearing of tyres. To avoid this, you can change your steering fluid during the servicing of your car.

3) Brakes are a priority: The biggest problem that a person can face in their car is malfunctioning brakes. It can lead to crashes and accidents. So, to keep your car in good shape, always have your brakes checked to ensure that brake pads are not overused. You should immediately change it if there is any problem with the brake pads. Additionally, change your brake fluid from time to time for better functioning of the car.

4) Fuel line: As the car becomes old the fuel line starts to age, often leading to cracks and leakage of fuel. In such cases, it is necessary to change the fuel line for high mileage and efficient consumption of fuel. You should replace your fuel filter after every 30,000 to 40,000 km service of your car.

5) Change seatbelts: Your seatbelts start to deteriorate over time. It is better to change your belts and hoses from time to time to enjoy better security from unexpected accidents or auto jerks. You can ask your mechanic for new seatbelts. Always check the durability of the cloth in the seat belt.


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