Miley Cyrus celebrates worldwide love for ‘Used To Be Young’ series

Miley Cyrus celebrates worldwide love for 'Used To Be Young' series


Miley Cyrus celebrates worldwide love for ‘Used To Be Young’ seriesΒ 

Miley Cyrus’s recently launched nostalgic series, in which she goes down memory lane and shares her journey from being a Disney child star to a globally acclaimed musician, is getting worldwide appreciation. The series is titled “Used To Be Young”.

Taking to Instagram, Miley posted a few pictures featuring herself enjoying her time at what appeared to be a party. She expressed gratitude to her fans for the appreciation she is getting for the series.Β 

The hitmaker captioned the post, “I am celebrating how much love Used To Be Young is receiving from around the world. It’s inspiring to see all of you relate my story to your own lives. This is the best part of making music. Thank you!!!”

Her fans quickly flooded the comment section of the post, expressing their admiration for Miley. One of her fans wrote, “This is being with you for 17 years; we love you.” Another expressed, “Your music is the soundtrack of my life and always will be. Thanks for everything you have done through your music.”

A third fan wrote, “Used To Be Young is an anthem.”Β 

The series inspired by her latest track, Used To Be Young, is currently ongoing on her TikTok page.


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