Meghan Markle ‘strategically’ places ‘stress patch’ to show her ‘strength’



Meghan Markle is reportedly wearing a stress-patch to send a clear message to her fans.

The Duchess of Sussex, who featured in a video alongside Prince Harry on their Archwell websites, was spotted wearing an Nuchem band.

Speaking about Meghan’s stress patch, brand expert conjectures new business ventures.

He explained: “Meghan’s strategic placement of a stress pack from a relatively new start-up company that reposted the image of her in their own social media is a clear message that she is looking to build her lifestyle brand and create a platform for her followers to benefit from her experiences and the products that help her.

He adds: “The image was a clear message to say she’s stressed but she’s using a patch to help her. Her brand is very strong so I think that this is a good way to go, with partnerships.”

Meghan and Harry left the Royal Family in 2020. The couple now lives in California.


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