Kanye West ‘all-ready’ to tweet with watchful eye of Twitter

Kanye West 'all-ready' to tweet with watchful eye of Twitter


Kanye Wests returned to Twitter with some conditions
Kanye West’s returned to Twitter with some conditions 

On 30 July 2023, Twitter, now X, opened doors for Kanye West after booting him out in December. Now, the CEO Linda Yaccarino confirmed that the rapstar will be tweeting soon but with some conditions attached.

Answering a question on a CNBC interview about the 46-year-old return to the platform, the top executive said, “You know Kanye, who hasn’t rejoined the platform yet but is planning to do so.

She continued, “Well, he will operate within the very specific policies that we have established that were clear on that everyone was watching this, or listenning on Spaces can access themselves.”

“And we have an extraordinary team of people who are overseeing, hands-on keyborad, monitoring all day everyday to make sure that 99.99% impression remain at that number.”

Later the 59-year-old emphasized the platform’s free speech policy, “But we also have to remember what’s at the core of free expression. You might not agree with what everyone is saying.

Continuing, “We wanna make it a healthy debate and discourse, but free expression at its core will really only survive when someone you don’t agree with says something you don’t agree with.”

“And what a great place we would live in if we were able to return to a healthy constructive discourse amongst people that we don’t agree with.”

She added, “So labelling certain people or deciding certain people are good or bad is not a universal thing because there are some people that disagree with us and our individual opinions.”

West was removed from Twitter twice after he repeatedly shared offensive anti-Semitic posts. 


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