JoJo unveils Marilyn Monroe-inspired hair transformation at Beyonce’s concert



JoJo unveils Marilyn Monroe-inspired hair transformation at Beyonces concert
JoJo unveils Marilyn Monroe-inspired hair transformation at Beyonce’s concert

JoJo, the 32-year-old singer, has recently undergone a stunning transformation in her hairstyle, drawing inspiration from a legendary fashion icon.

In a series of Instagram photos shared on a Saturday, JoJo unveiled her bold shift from her long brunette locks to short and chic blonde curls, reminiscent of the iconic hairstyle once sported by Marilyn Monroe. She gave credit to Alex Matthew Truong for her new hair color, and Florido Basallo for styling her hair during a photoshoot orchestrated by Alfredo Flores.

In addition to her eye-catching blonde hair, JoJo also showcased a striking makeup look, featuring a bold red lip and winged eyeliner, masterfully crafted by makeup artist Carlene K. In order to keep her new hairstyle as the focal point of her post, she opted for a simple yet stylish wardrobe, donning a cropped white button-up shirt paired with gray slacks.

Hinting at the dramatic hair transformation, she playfully captioned the post with “Hard Launch.”

JoJo made her public debut with this new look at BeyoncĂ©’s Renaissance World Tour stop in Inglewood on the same Saturday, and she couldn’t contain her excitement, captioning an Instagram post with a nod to Burna Boy’s lyrics, saying, “Go, go ahead, it’s your time, baby. It’s your time, baby, get wild, baby – Burna voice.”

On her Instagram Story and feed, JoJo shared videos of the performance by the singer “CUFF IT” on stage, along with selfies featuring herself and her friends.

The “Leave (Get Out)” singer also showcased her concert attire, consisting of a yellow, green, and blue watercolor long-sleeve top paired with a maxi denim skirt featuring a stylish ripped trim. Completing her look were sparkly silver boots, a black furry handbag, and sizable diamond earrings shaped like crosses.

While most of her posts focused on images from the concert, JoJo included a behind-the-scenes snapshot from her photoshoot. In this photo, the R&B songstress could be seen applying makeup with a palette while a hairstylist attended to her blonde curls.

JoJo has not only undergone a transformation in her appearance but has also ventured into new territory in her career. She recently announced her Broadway debut as Satine in “Moulin Rouge! The Musical”, marking a significant shift in her artistic journey.


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