Asia is in the grip of an unprecedented heatwave, with temperature records toppling across the continent. These scorching conditions are further evidence of the alarming impact of climate change as countries are grappling with the consequences of a warming planet.

India, the world’s most populous nation, faced its hottest and driest August in over a century, despite the monsoon season that typically provides up to 80% of the country’s annual rainfall. In Japan, authorities also raised the alarm as the country experienced its hottest summer since record-keeping began in 1898. Australia, with its diverse climate, saw its warmest winter on record, surpassing the previous mark set in 1996. These records are not isolated events. In July, the world witnessed the hottest month ever recorded. Climate change is intensifying heatwaves, making them longer and more frequent. The looming El Niño weather pattern threatens to worsen these conditions, increasing the frequency and severity of heatwaves, making them deadly. Thousands of vulnerable people, including the elderly, children and outdoor workers, die every year due to heat-related illnesses. In developing countries, majority of the population cannot afford air conditioning and cooling equipment and are left at the mercy of the scorching heat. This unfolding crisis should jolt governments, businesses and individuals into immediate climate action. We, as collective, must prioritise renewable energy, sustainable transportation and emissions reduction policies.

Inaction is no longer an option. Swift action is needed to mitigate worst impacts of climate change and safeguard the planet for future generations. The evidence is irrefutable and the urgency cannot be overstated. We must rise to the challenge and confront the climate crisis head-on. Let us not be the cause of our own demise. Enough is enough.


Published in The Express Tribune, September 4th, 2023.

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