The process for checking matriculation (high school) results can vary depending on the country and educational system you’re in. Here’s a general guide on how to check matric results:

Check School Website:
Many schools and educational boards publish exam results on their official websites. Visit your school’s website or the website of the relevant educational board.

Use Online Portals:
Educational boards often have online result portals where you can enter your roll number or other identifying information to access your results. Look for a section on the website related to results or examinations.

Check Newspapers:
In some regions, exam results are published in newspapers. There might be a dedicated section with names or roll numbers of students who have passed the exams.

SMS Service:
Some educational boards offer SMS services where you can send a text message with your roll number to a specific number, and you’ll receive your results as a reply.

Contact School/College:
If you’re unable to access your results online, you can contact your school or college’s administrative office. They should be able to provide you with your result or guide you on where to check.

Use Mobile Apps:
In some cases, educational boards might have official mobile apps that provide exam results. Check app stores for any relevant apps.

Visit Examination Centers:
Some educational boards set up physical examination centers where students can go to check their results in person.

Check Exam Regulatory Authority:
In some countries, there might be a central exam regulatory authority responsible for conducting and managing exams. They often have online portals where results are published.

Be Prepared with Information:
Before checking results, make sure you have your roll number, registration number, or any other identification details required by the educational board.

Stay Updated:
Follow announcements and updates from your school or educational board through official websites, social media, or other communication channels to know when the results will be published.

Please note that the process and methods can vary widely based on your location and the specific educational board or institution you’re associated with. It’s recommended to refer to official sources and follow the instructions provided by your school or educational board to obtain accurate and up-to-date information about checking your matriculation results.

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