Britney Spears’ mom ‘angry’ at Sam Asghari’s alleged abandonment



Lynne Spears fury grows as Britney Spears faces heartbreak: Urgent pleas to leave LA.
Lynne Spears fury grows as Britney Spears faces heartbreak: Urgent pleas to leave LA.

Lynne Spears, Britney’s mother, is far from pleased with Sam’s perceived abandonment of her daughter during this trying time.

According to the insider, Lynne Spears is reportedly seething over Sam Asghari’s decision to part ways with Britney, especially given the commitment he made to support her through thick and thin. 

The source shares, “Lynne is furious at Sam for abandoning Britney. He took a vow to stand by her side through sickness and health – and he knew she was not well when they married.”

Sam’s departure from Britney’s lavish $11.8 million Thousand Oaks residence, Lynne’s concern for her daughter’s well-being has intensified. 

She is said to be passionately urging the 41-year-old pop sensation to leave the intoxicating allure of Los Angeles behind and return to her roots in Kentwood, Louisiana, seeking solace and healing in the embrace of her family. 

The insider discloses, “Lynne is begging Britney to leave LA and live with her. LA is toxic and the only thing keeping her there was Sam. Lynne believes she can heal and regroup in Louisiana, then return to LA when she is ready.”

There was a sense of optimism that Sam Asghari could be the stabilizing force in Britney’s life, acting as her knight in shining armor. 

“The sensible people in her life will be sad that the marriage is over. The feeling was that he thought he could save her, but maybe there is no saving Britney,” one source revealed, hinting at the underlying struggles that had beset the relationship.

A second source shared Sam’s changing stance, suggesting that he had, in a way, given up on the marriage as he saw that his efforts to support Britney might not have been enough. 


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