AP Dhillon brutally trolled for singing ‘With You’ live | The Express Tribune

AP Dhillon brutally trolled for singing 'With You' live | The Express Tribune


In a recent turn of events, singer AP Dhillon has found himself at the centre of a viral storm after a video of his live performance of With You surfaced on social media. The video captured Dhillon performing without the aid of autotune, and the ensuing commentary has been both tumultuous and polarizing.

The video, which quickly went viral on platforms like X (formerly Twitter) and Instagram, features Dhillon singing his latest hit single, With You, at an event in front of a live audience. Unlike his studio recordings, this performance showcased the artist seemingly without the post-production assistance of autotune, revealing the raw vocal talent that lies beneath his studio-perfected tracks.

While Dhillon’s attempt to perform live without autotune has been seen by some as a commendable display of authenticity, it seems to have backfired as the comments section of the video was flooded with people trolling the musician. “Please stop insulting an artist, guys. I can’t like each comment,” said one Instagram user in the comments. “It seems like the voltage has run low,” said another. Yet another questioned, “What is this, Dhillon?” in Punjabi as a play on the singer’s name.

“Please don’t do live shows, injurious to your health,” said yet another Instagram user in the comments. “That’s so rude. Do it again,” one user said, goading on the original poster of the video that was also trolling the singer. “I thought this is a known fact that he can’t sing live,” commented another individual. “Don’t listen to the comments, they are all telling the truth,” said one more. “Have some water, Dhillon,” said one user in Urdu with some more wordplay based on the singer’s name. The video itself had comments floating around on the screen, such as “B.P low Dhillon,” “Bro is struggling to sing his own song,” and, “He needs autotune.”

Dhillon’s situation highlights the delicate balance artists must strike between their studio persona and their live abilities. Many musicians utilise autotune as a tool to enhance their recordings, but it can sometimes lead to scepticism about their true vocal talents.

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